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Welcome at! You can search here for your favorite new movies. We have a big database of new torrents, and they do all work! At the left side you find the diffrent categories movies. We only have one torrent per movie, that's to provide chaos and confusion. To use a torrent you need Azureus. You can download it here. For subtiles in different languages press subtitles on the left. We hope you'll enjoy! Note: before you make use of this site, read the disclaimer!


Since april 8th, MovieTorrents has a total new layout and a new host. It's easier, nicer and it has less advertisements! You can now donate to MovieTorrents as well. Do you find a bug in the new lay out, please mail us! We've also add some new movies for you, and april 15th a new site of our company goes online: GameTorrents. Here you find torrents for games, very surprising isn't it? 
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