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Wont I get virusses downloading by bit-torrents?

No, we've tested all torrents, and there are no virusses in it. But we do always recommend a virus-scanner.

How large is a movie file?

All the movie files in our database are at least 600 Mb. That is to quarentee a good quality.

How long does it take to download a movie by bit-torrent?

We can't say that exactly because it's depending of your internet connection and the number of peers. But with an average internet connection and a average number of peers it will take about a few hours to download a full movie.

After I downloaded the torrent, my download won't start, what to do?

It always needs time to start, but when he isn't started after a few minutes you have to press 'force download'. If the download still doesn't start, there are apperently too less peers. You can try to download the torrent again on this site.

I can't find a movie of my choice, what to do?

If you can't find a movie you're looking for, search under another categorie, may the movie has been other-categorised. Did you still didn't find the movie? Please contact us with your request:

Do you have another question? Mail him at!


Copyright MovieTorrents 2006 is a free bit-torrent site. Here you can find a torrent for your newest movies. Our meaning of this site is that it isn't difficult to find a good torrent, or prevend that a movie doesn't work after you downloaded it. We have only one torrent per movie, but that one will work! We've made a strict selection, so downloading with torrents is from now on easy, and with success! We nearly have all the latest movies, and some old classic movies, you don't want to miss!

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Here you can find some information about the use of torrents and about itself. For the use of subtitles you can press subtitles of the left of this page, at links you'll find some web-adresses which support torrents for movies as well and some other good sites you must have visited.
using torrents
Downloading with bit-torrent is the most used downloading way in the world. Because it is fast and efficiŽnt. When you're downloading, somebody else downloads the parts of the file you've already downloaded. And you are downloading from another person, that's how it all works.

But what do you have to to before you can start downloading with bit-torrent? It's very simple.

Step 1. Download Azureus here.

Step 2. Install Azureus on your computer.

Step 3. Click on the left side on this page a categorie movie you want to download. For example: Minority Report. Click on action, following the instruction on the next page, and search for Minority Report in the list. Press on it and open it.

Step 4. Azureus will open itself and you can watch the state of your download by pressing the Azureus icon.

That's all you'll have to do!

Good luck!


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